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Through Autistic Eyes - Nicky Collins

Through Autistic Eyes - Nicky Collins

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Through Autistic Eyes 

Through Autistic Eyes is a collection of stories from autistic women across the globe who gained their diagnosis later in life.

In these deeply personal stories, they describe how their lives changed when they realised it was their neurology that made them different: They weren't weird, they weren't less, and they certainly weren't lazy. They are autistic.

Through a series of interviews, ten women have shared with Nicky what being autistic means to them and how it has shaped their journeys through life. They talk about their struggles, their revelations, their inspirations and their triumphs. More importantly, they offer advice to help other autistic women live their lives their way while gaining clarity and understanding about their minds and who they truly are.

Through Autistic Eyes is an amazing resource for autistic people who are looking for some understanding and to feel less alone. It's also a brilliant resource for non-autistic people (Neurotypicals) to develop their understanding of what autism is and isn't. 

Through Autistic Eyes highlights what Autistic people can achieve, and how successful we can be, with the right supports and systems we can achieve so much more than we're given credit for. The women in this book are successful businesswomen, one has built a multimillion-pound business with her husband and went on to be awarded an MBE from King Charles (who was then the Prince of Wales). There are musicians, coaches, authors and artists.

Through Autistic Eyes is a motivating book, filled with hope for a bright future for autistic people of all genders, ethnicities and social backgrounds.



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